Small systems

The term small systems covers the majority of our realised siren warning systems. These siren warning systems usually have a central triggering point, in some cases there might be a second alternative or remote triggering point. Small systems usually have up to 50 sirens. Our MCE-light is used as a centre in the central equipment of the small systems.

Small systems

The system is operated and monitored via easy-to-operate Control Panels. Depending on the application, the system is connected to telemetry systems to trigger the sirens via existing infrastructures.

In addition to the modular design of the siren system components, the expandability of a warning system is a decisive criterion of our siren systems. In this way, it is guaranteed right from the beginning that a small system can be expanded into a large system or can be integrated.

Typically, our small siren systems are used in industrial siren systems or small towns.

In our references you will find a number of different projects that HÖRMANN has designed, developed and realised in the past.

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