We provide a multifaceted port folio to our customers all over the world - different siren types and dedicated applications, which can be used both as stand alone product and as product in a complex siren warning system.


ECN - Electronic Siren

ECN - Electronic Siren Besides advantages as there are independency from mains, possibility of speech messages and the possibility to implement 10 customer specified alert signals, the ECN siren has got a various number of internal test routines. Thus it becomes a reliable and effective part of the modern siren warning system.

ECI - Electronic Compact Siren

ECI - Electronic Compact SirenThe ECI Siren provides all the advantages of an electronic siren as there are independency from mains and possibility of speech messages. Among other things nowadays it is used for substituting motor sirens.

RCP - Remote Control Panel

RCP - Remote Control PanelFor a simple activation of the electronic siren by means of pressing a button, we provide a separated control terminal which can be customised according to the respective requirements.

IWU - Indoor warning Unit

For indoor warning Hörmann provides a special solution based on the technology of an electronic siren.


RTU - Remote Terminal Unit

For integration of already existing applications as e.g. sensors or sirens of other manufacturers, the so called Remote Terminal Unit is the suitable device.

Electric Siren E57

Electric Siren E57 The Motor Siren E57 is in accordance with the DIN 41096 and is the most popular electro-mechanic siren type.