Our services for you

Hörmann offers its customers a full service. We see our strength and core competence in working with the customer to develop, produce, install and maintain the right siren system for his needs taking the technical feasibility into consideration.


A comprehensive and thorough appraisal is an important part of the successful realisation of a new siren system. Some selected attributes that we record right at the start are:

  • The region which needs to be covered by the siren system
  • Existing locations
  • Existing sirens
  • Network structure
  • Average ambient noise level
  • Control centre (new or existing)
  • Operator of the system

Drafting of concept / site planning

Based on customer requirements and the appraisal, we draw up a system concept that forms the basis for further discussion.

  • System structure sketch
  • Scope of the centre equipment
  • Operating functionality (PC or panel)
  • Infrastructure
  • System redundancy concept
  • Siren types and number
  • Alarm scenarios
  • Graphic sound propagation model
  • Requirements specifications as a part of the offer


The siren locations are planned taking into consideration all criteria that affect the sound propagation and the existing natural sound level of the environment.

To this end, we use a special planning software to draw up a theoretical sound propagation model for you.

Site survey

A survey of the planned locations (sirens, centres, repeaters) is imperative for optimum realisation of the planned system. Theoretical assumptions are compared with the local prevailing conditions and adapted accordingly. The following data is also recorded:

  • Address, contact partner of the location
  • Access options
  • Specification of the siren type
  • Mounting type (wall, mast, etc)
  • Dimensions
  • Data about the power supply
  • Photographic documentation

Customised system development

We always strive to use standardised solutions as far as possible. This saves extra costs required for new developments. However, as each siren system is unique, we always draw up a customer-specific solution which we combine with standardised and individual sub-solutions to create a mature complete product.

We offer every customer the opportunity to implement special requirements. A selection of application examples:

  • Ring-Down function
  • Integration into existing control centres
  • Customer-specific alarm signals
  • Customer-specific voice announcements


The siren and system components are produced in Germany. Thanks to the integration of the production team into the system development process, targeted implementation of the requirements is guaranteed from square one.

HÖRMANN has been certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2000 and guarantees the highest quality standard for products and systems.

Installation and Integration

We meet the requirements of the DIN VDE standards when installing and assembling our siren systems. We perform all the tasks necessary to install the system at the designated location:

  • Creation of assembly instructions
  • Documentation
  • Assembly and cabling of the siren heads
  • Assembly and cabling of the siren cabinets
  • Installation and configuration of the central technology

Commissioning and system handover

Before a siren warning system is handed over to the customer, we perform an extensive handover test (SAT - Site Acceptance Test). Depending on the customer's wishes, we can also perform the commissioning test or provide support and advice.

After the successful acceptance, we hand over the operational siren warning system together with all required documentation.


The functions of the new siren warning system can only be used to the optimum if they are correctly and fully understood which is why we offer specially designed training courses on site to make you completely familiar with the new siren system. Each training course is individually tailored to the respective system and target group. Starting from the system operator, the administrator through the servicing personnel, the necessary know-how is taught on site using your siren system.

Service and maintenance

Even after the system has been handed over, we do not leave our customers alone. We remain a reliable contact partner. To ensure that the siren warning system remains fully functional, we recommend annual servicing.

We have service personnel on hand throughout Germany. Internationally, our sales partners assume the servicing tasks.

On request, we can also provide a HÖRMANN technician for repair and maintenance work.

Customer care

Smaller projects and product orders are processed directly by a member of our sales team who then acts as the interface to the company HÖRMANN GmbH.

In the case of larger projects, an appropriate project organisation trimmed to the needs of the project is established and coordinated by an experienced project manager.

In this way, the customer always has a competent project partner throughout the course of the project to take care of all issues and to ensure that the project meets the schedule and quality requirements.