RTU - Intelligent remote receiver/transmitter

The RTU - "remote terminal unit" is available for seamless integration of existing end devices and the control via own sensors and actuators. Digital I/O and many serial interfaces allow the control and integration of a variety of end devices from third-party manufacturers.

The same flexible options of the ECN sirens are available for connection to the siren network.

RTU - Intelligent remote receiver/transmitter


  • Remote triggering via radio // wire // GSM
  • End device triggering via serial protocol (manufacturer-specific protocols can be adapted)
  • End device triggering via digital I/O
  • Generation of settable time control alarms for relay-controlled sirens (e.g. motor sirens)
  • Live Public Address and/or pre-recorded text messages (if supported by the end device)
  • Integrated automatic self-monitoring - BITE (Built In Test Equipment)
  • Monitoring of the end device (digital, analogue, serial)

Control unit

  • Embedded i188-processor core
  • MICOS real time multitasking operating system

Technical data

  • Power supply 230V, 50Hz / 110V, 60Hz
  • Independent of the main supply thanks to the integrated UPS
  • Control unit with embedded i188-processor core
  • Free serial RS232 interfaces
  • Free digital I/O
  • MICOS real time multitasking operating system
  • EMP-secure solutions available (optional)

Mechanical data

  • Cabinet for inside and outside assembly available
  • 19" Europe card technology guarantees low maintenance needs and easy expandability
  • Free slots for extensions
  • No mobile parts such as fans or hard disks