Network components

RPT - "talk through" Radio Repeater

RPT - The repeater is an effective solution for increasing the range and the coverage of the radio network and can be completely integrated into the control network of our control centres. Depending on the requirements made of the radio network, a variety of antenna solutions are available.

Technical features:

  • 19" technology
  • UPS integrated (external UPS battery cabinet can be used)
  • Free digital I/O (TTL-base)
  • Scalable hardware structure
  • No moving parts such as fans or hard disks
  • Redundant radio with standing waves~(SWR) and field strength measurement (RSSI) with automatic switching
  • Automatic and on-request status reports to the central unit with detailed station statuses and measured values
  • Embedded i188-processor core
  • MICOS real time multitasking operating system