Our references - proof of our competence

Our sirens and warning systems are used successfully across the globe. References and successful projects speak for our know-how and the trust placed in our siren systems, concepts and technology.

The following sections describe individual select projects HÖRMANN has realised in Germany and internationally. The projects are listed in alphabetical order.




After the catastrophic flooding at Whit 1999, the City of Augsburg decided in 2006 to put out a public tender for a siren system; the system was realised by HÖRMANN GmbH.

The whole project, from the planning, through delivery and assembly including connection to the BOS alert system comprising 47 electronic sirens was completed by HÖRMANN GmbH.

Baumholder - US-Army

In 2005, HÖRMANN was granted the order for the planning, delivery and assembly of a warning system for warning the residents on the US Army base in Baumholder, and residents of the surrounding area. The siren system comprises 15 electronic sirens, a warning system for inside the buildings (IWU), and a main and three sub-control centres.

The computer-supported main control centre is equipped with the HÖRMANN siren control software CCCS. The sub-centres each have a Control Panel for controlling and triggering the siren system.


Since 2004, the city of Dormagen has operated the population warning system with its seven electronic sirens installed by HÖRMANN. The siren system supports the BOS-radio activation and transfer of the wind direction and wind speed to the fire service control centre.
A system of centres (MCE-Light) with a control centre computer and cartographic user interface (CCCS-software) permanently supplies detailed technical information via the whole warning system.


In 2003, the City of Düsseldorf commissioned a siren warning system for the civil protection and disaster control program.
HÖRMANN was responsible for the assembly and commissioning of more than 80 sirens. All sirens can be triggered by radio via the BOS-alerting system.



The devastating floods in August 2002 wrecked havoc on the town of Grimma. To be able to warn and alert the population of similar catastrophes in the future, the council put out a public tender for a siren system which was ultimately planned and installed by HÖRMANN GmbH.
The siren system in Grimma comprises a PC-supported centre with CCCS-software . There are six electronic sirens installed within the town of Grimma. In addition to voice announcements, the current program of the local radio station can also be broadcast via the sirens.


The City of Hamburg operates a population siren warning system with motor sirens, electronic sirens and individual pneumatic high-performance sirens.
In a modernisation measure started in 2003, a large part of the sirens have been replaced with electronic sirens from HÖRMANN. The new sirens are also equipped with a remote monitoring module (SMS for service technicians).


The City of Cologne commissioned HÖRMANN GmbH in 2002 to plan, deliver and install a comprehensive siren system. A part of the project is the Shell/Cologne project which aims to ensure warnings are issued in the event of incidents on the road, rail, waterways or all types of chemical operations. The whole system also comprises a population warning system in the event of flooding.
During the project, 71 electronic sirens were installed. The sirens are equipped with digital remote receivers which can be triggered by the professional fire service in Cologne in the event of an emergency.

Leuna - Chemicals

In 1995/1996, HÖRMANN GmbH realised a siren warning system in the Leuna-works which warns and informs the employees in case of incidents on the company grounds. The siren system comprises a siren centre which can trigger the 20 electronic sirens. The system has been permanently expanded and modified.


In 2007 HÖRMANN was commissioned by the City of Zwickau to plan, deliver and install a siren warning system. The system was handed over at the start of 2008.
The siren system comprises 16 electronic sirens and a computer-supported control centre with CCCS-software .


Belgium - INEOS Oxide

In 1990, HÖRMANN installed a siren warning system on the company grounds of the company BP (now called INEOS Oxide); this system has been permanently operational since its installation. In 2007, HÖRMANN received an order to expand and overhaul the existing warning system. The overhauled system now has eight electronic sirens, nine warning systems for warnings inside the buildings (IWU), and a main centre with CCCS-software and an alternative centre.

Great Britain - Grimsby

In 2005, HÖRMANN was commissioned with the development, delivery and installation of a flood warning system for the Grimsby & Cleethorpes region. The siren warning system was integrated into the existing telemetry system (SWANTEL) and comprises 18 electronic sirens and a main and auxiliary centre for monitoring and controlling the siren system.

Italy - Bolzano

In 1999, HÖRMANN installed a population siren warning system in the City of Bozen. In a second phase in 2003, the system was expanded and now comprises 30 electronic sirens that are monitored and controlled from a computer-supported centre with CCCS-software .

Norway - Storfjorden

In 2007, HÖRMANN received an order for the planning, delivery and installation of a flood warning systems to warn the population in the region of Storfjorden. In this region there is a danger that rock falls could cause a Tsunami flood wave in the Fjord system.
The siren warning system covers several villages and comprises a total of 27 electronic sirens and two control centres.


Austria - Vienna

In 1990 HÖRMANN was commissioned to deliver electronic sirens for the warning and alarm system of the City of Vienna. The system has been continuously operational since its installation in 1993.
In August 2002, HÖRMANN received an order for the development, delivery and overhaul of the existing population warning system. The overhauling work comprised the modernisation of the electronics of the existing sirens, the delivery of extra sirens, and the delivery of extra centres.
All installation and integration work, and also the inclusion of diverse external participants, was performed by HÖRMANN.
The siren system comprises 176 sirens with one main centre with CCCS-software and an alternative centre.


In 2002/2003 HÖRMANN received an order from the hydropower operator Hidroelectrica to install 4 regional flood warning systems with electronic sirens. After the successful installation of these systems, HÖRMANN was commissioned to deliver and install 18 further flood warning systems.
All regional flood warning systems in Rumania comprise a total of 470 electronic sirens which are monitored and controlled by 18 computer-supported control centres with CCCS-software .


In 1998, the Swedish "National Rescue Services Agency" (SRV) started to overhaul the whole control and monitoring system of the population warning sirens and commissioned HÖRMANN GmbH. The third project phase was completed in 2005.
The new radio-based siren system is computer-controlled and allows the control, visualisation and monitoring of all sirens. The nationwide siren system comprises 169 control centres that monitor and control approx. 4300 sirens.
HÖRMANN developed, supplied and installed the control centres with CCCS-software , communication equipment and siren control stations.


At the start of 1991, HÖRMANN was commissioned by the civil protection authority to realise a warning system for Singapore. This general contract comprised all project work from the planning through to a 5-year maintenance agreement. The siren warning system in Singapore has been operational without interruption since 1993.
At the start of 1997, HÖRMANN received an additional order to expand the population warning system in Singapore; this also included the delivery of further electronic sirens and technical expansions and modification of the software.

In November 2001, HÖRMANN was commissioned with the development and delivery of a new centre technology including the necessary modifications of the hardware for the existing population warning system.
This order comprised all project work from the planning through delivery up to and including the installation and integration into the existing system.
In total, the siren warning system in Singapore, which is one of the most modern in the world, comprises 275 electronic sirens, four control centres with CCCS-software and a relay station.

Czech Republic -Prague

In 1997, the City of Prague contracted HÖRMANN to erect a siren warning system to warn the population in the event of flooding. Since then, the system has been regularly expanded and adapted.
The siren system comprises 166 electronic sirens, a main centre with CCCS-software and three relay stations.


At the start of 2000, the HÖRMANN GmbH was commissioned by the civil protection authority in Cyprus with the delivery, installation, test and approval of an integrated population warning system.
The siren system comprises a main centre with CCCS-software, an alternative centre, two mobile control centres, four relay stations and 158 electronic sirens as well as 31 warning systems for inside buildings (IWU).