Hörmann provides a multiplicity of solutions in the range of products and system solutions for Siren Warning Systems. These solutions are created based on the requirements of the customer. Thus we can provide tailor-made system solutions in the end.


Ever since beginning of the 90ies Hörmann was the leading company which developed and designed electronic sirens. Since that time the product range of ECN and ECI sirens expands permanently and is adapted to the state of the art technology.

Additionally to that we also provide solutions both for alerting inside buildings and RTU-solutions for control of already existing applications just like e.g. sensors.

Network components

For control of sirens at radio- and line supported systems we provide the necessary infrastructure. The range varies from the simple "talk-thorough" repeater up to the intelligent base station. By means of these components you can easily create complex network infrastructures very transparently which can be operated autarkic.

Control Centre technology

To control and release the sirens, Hörmann offers various control panels, foil keypads, and a PC-solution with cartographic software.


Hörmann is your reliable partner for all kinds of system solutions. We provide standardised modular small systems for industries and small towns .

Our tailor made solutions based on the concept of large systems have been developed both for major cities and country wide networked siren warning systems.

Siren station locations

Wall installation, roof installation, pole installation - for various kinds of mechanical installation Hörmann provides the suitable solutions.

Supply of services

Our experts assist you with words and deeds for the determination of your requirements , the planning, the installation, up to the test- and commissioning phase of the siren system. With our Warranty- Maintenance- and Support-Service you find competent contact persons for the whole life cycle of your siren system at any time.

The high quantity of different Public Warning Systems which are planned, installed and maintained by Hörmann all over the world, are evidence for our good work and the confidence of our customers in our technology and our experience.

For any questions please contact us. It is our pleasure to help you to find the best solution for your application.