Large systems Large systems

We define large systems as nationwide siren systems and siren warning systems for large cities. These siren systems comprise more than 100 sirens and have a networked central structure with main and sub-centres. In many places these systems form part of complex civil protection and disaster control concepts and are integrated into these. The electronic siren is perfect for warning and informing the population.

The warning systems are operated and monitored via PC and server-supported centres. Here the sophisticated map-based GIS technology of our Siren-Control-Software and the MCE are used.

The communication structure of our siren systems is usually designed to be multiply redundant. Several media, usually radio and wire but also GSM, GPRS or other commercial media, are used in parallel. This strategy ensures that, in case a complete trigger path fails, the availability and therefore the activation of all sirens connected in the network is guaranteed 100%.

Large siren systems are usually split into individual project phases and developed, commissioned and expanded step-by-step with the customer. Optionally, a pilot system (small system) is installed before the large project is started.

In our references you will find a number of examples of large projects that HÖRMANN has designed, developed and realised in the past.

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