Electronic Sirens - Siren Warning Systems - Alert and Information

All times mankind is facing catastrophes of various causes - natural disasters like flooding and earthquakes, man made hazards like chemical disasters, as well as civil wars and terrorist attacks. On any such occasion, the population concerned must be efficiently warned and informed in time, to protect human life, property and the environment.

Protection starts with carefully considered warning and information systems of advanced technology, designed to activate different alert signals, pre-stored messages and public address announcements, which are broadcast with high reliability and audibility.

Hörmann GmbH has more than 50 years' experience of providing siren warning and information systems. Our company, located in Kirchseeon near Munich, has designed installed and supported siren warning systems across the world to a customer base like Civil Defence Organisations, Fire Brigades, Emergency and Rescue Organisations, Disaster Management Authorities and Industrial Enterprises.

With warning and information systems available and in place, governments and administrations can act in time, enabling those threatened to react in time. Whether you are requesting a stand alone siren system for small communities or industrial sites or in case you need information on a comprehensive nationwide alert and information system, please contact us, to see how we can help you.

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