Electronic Compact SirenECI - Electronic Compact Siren

The ECI siren was developed by Hörmann to offer our customers a replacement for the no longer up-to-date motor siren E57.

In contrast to motor sirens, the ECI siren has the decisive advantage in that it remains fully functional even in the event of a power failure (e.g. during floods) thanks to the fact that it is battery operated.

Siren types

ECI 600 109 dB(A) / 30 m
ECI 1200 115 dB(A) / 30 m

Acoustic features

  • Omni-directional or directed sound propagation
  • Up to 4 customised alarm signals can be programmed.
  • Live Public Address and/or pre-recorded text messages
  • Extremely high efficiency level dB/W
  • Aluminium horns can be configured

Elektronische Kompakt Sirene

Technical data

  • Independent of the mains supply thanks to integrated UPS.
  • Local operating unit with an LCD display and membrane keyboard
  • Power supply 230V, 50Hz / 110V, 60Hz - optionally via a solar panel

How the system works

  • Local triggering/test // quiet test
  • Integrated automatic test procedures - BITE (Built In Test Equipment)
  • Special solutions for operation in extreme ambient temperatures also available

Operating types

  • Local triggering
  • Triggering via remote control
  • Triggering via operating terminal RCP
  • Quiet test
  • Voice announcements

Mechanical data

  • 19" technology guarantees low maintenance needs and extendibility
  • Siren cabinet for inside and outside assembly available

The ECI siren is an inexpensive but top quality alternative if old motor sirens need to be replaced and/or a siren system needs to be realised without complex monitoring options.

There are a number of options and variants available for the assembly of the electronic sirens; we will be happy to draw up a suitable solution for you.

We recommend our ECN sirens for use in complex siren systems that also contain many system component monitoring functions.