Everything at a glance CCCS- operating software

The HÖRMANN GmbH CCCS operating software was specially designed for siren systems and has been optimised over the years in close cooperation with our customers. In a PC-supported siren warning system, the CCCS-software represents the interface between the sirens and the operator. It has the following properties and features:

CCCS- operating softwareUser interface

  • Map-based GIS screen
  • Access to system functions via the function buttons with pictograms and text
  • Flat menus
  • No blocking dialogues or waiting windows
  • Use of the "system guides operator" strategy
  • Display in all languages possible (NLS- Native Language Support)
  • Integrated online help

Operating modes

  • Monitoring -> Visualisation
  • Active -> Visualisation and control
  • Administration -> System administration

CCCS- BediensoftwareCard functions

  • Supports vector-graphic and grid-graphic maps
  • Fast image creation (<2s) regardless of zoom level
  • Zoom (fixed and free zooming) and pan functions
  • Ad-hoc selection and grouping of sirens on the map by means of "Click and draw"
  • Drawing with ready-made figures on the map
  • Additional single selection, pre-defined groups, all via lists


  • CCCS- BediensoftwareTriggering of siren alarms
  • Triggering of predefined language texts
  • Live public address announcements via microphone or pre-recorded text files


  • User-base password protection
  • Key switch
  • Smartcard
  • Fingerprint

CCCS- BediensoftwareMonitoring

  • Sirens and control centre status thanks to superimposed colour-coded icons on the map
  • Colour according to system status
  • Direct access to status information and status history via the icons
  • Clear summary of warning areas into "area icons"
  • Uploading and downloading technical parameters of the sirens and central equipment
  • Freely-definable periodic activities

CCCS- BediensoftwareReport functions

  • Detailed user-defined progress and report functions
  • In table and chart form
  • System status and history
  • System administration
  • Alarm statistics with system-specific analysis
  • Analysis and display of system malfunctions

User administration

  • CCCS- Bediensoftware User administration
  • User groups and profiles for a variety of authorisation levels

Remote control

  • Remote control and networking at the application level
  • Bandwidth-optimised from analogue modem up to TCP/IP